Southern Regional Asset Building Coalition (SRABC)

The Southern Regional Asset Building Coalition (SRABC) is a grassroots collaboration of state asset building coalitions in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi that engage nonprofits, business owners, employers, workers, farmers, organizations, policy makers and academia in urban and rural communities across the south to advance asset building policy throughout the region.

SRABC works to build relationships and provide resources to close the wealth gap, aiming to lift people out of poverty.  By determining mutual interests and leveraging resources of each state coalition, SRABC seeks the removal of structural barriers to asset building and wealth creation on a regional level.

SRABC’s mission is to advance state, regional, and national policies that build a lifetime of economic security for families and communities.

The Southern Regional Asset-Building Coalition is dedicated to developing and advocating for policies that support the diverse perspectives of community members and stakeholders, promote economic security over a lifetime for low-to moderate wealth individuals, and build sustainable families and communities across the southern region.

SRABC Partners:

The coalition is funded by the Building Economic Security Over a Lifetime (BESOL) initiative of the Ford Foundation.   For additional information, please visit:

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