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Journey from poverty to economic stability and beyond

Policy Agenda for Florida – Building Assets in Communities of Color

The RAISE Florida Network works collaboratively with community partners through advocacy to support public policies that promote savings and investments for economic security, asset protection and economic opportunity for families and communities. The RAISE Florida network utilizes grass roots engagement and partnership development to involve communities in policy strategies that inform policy makers, encourage CDC organizations and local microenterprise development organizations, influence support for micro businesses, home ownership and entrepreneurship and help to increase financial and tangible assets for building individual and community wealth. It is through this work that we create opportunities for all people to achieve their full potential in life.

The mission of the RAISE Florida Network (RFN) is to promote awareness, education, resources and advocacy for economic security and wealth creation for families and communities in Florida. Our vision is to help families and communities achieve economic stability, build economic security, wealth and sustainable assets.

RFN supports its mission by actively engaging in strategic planning and implementation relating to public policies that promote long-term development of resources that assist low wealth individuals, families and communities. These are proven tools to help grow their financial independence and security in a way that brings individual and overall stability with a sense of well being. Education, home ownership and the ability to put in place a retirement plan are tangible assets that add to family and community stability. RFN is striving to make the dream of a better life a reality for these low income citizens.


RAISE Florida Network is actively involved at the state and federal level, monitoring key public policy issues and communicating with policymakers to create positive change. Your involvement is essential in increasing the resources for our asset building movement, here in Florida, and nationally. You can help us by contacting your federal and state representatives to support the RFN Policy Agenda and related policy issues that support progressive asset building strategies for our low wealth constituency through existing policies and support for retirement security.

  1. Individual Development Accounts – promoting savings plans to help low income families save for education, retirement, purchase a home, car or save for emergencies.
  2. Foreclosure – advancing options that protect asset building investments of families and homeowners, promote fair lending products that preserve homeownership and maintain financial independence.
  3. Microenterprise Development – securing support to advance entrepreneurship and education that help low – moderate income entrepreneurs create jobs, provide micro-business owners access to capital and technical assistance to support start up, innovation and growth opportunities in economically disadvantaged urban and rural communities.

Our Networks

RFN is comprised of five networks that collaborate to promote the mission, vision, and policy agenda.  Each Network is a group of coalition partners that include practitioners, stakeholders, legislators, and advocates with targeted objectives and scope.  The primary roles of each Network are to: (a) establish policy priorities; (b) utilize and improve existing policies; (c) constituency engagement, and (c) educate legislators and policy makers through research and advocacy.  The five Networks are:

  1. Income, Assets and Savings Network (IASN)
  2. Florida Coalition for Microenterprise Development (FCMD)
  3. Housing and Community Development Network (HCDN)
  4. Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Higher Education Network (HBCU and Higher Education)
  5. Rural Economic Development Network (REDN)

    Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee

    RAISE Florida Networks members visited the Capitol to meet with legislators and staff about RAISE Florida Networks Policy Priorities



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