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Financial Assets and Income

Income and retirement security is declining for Floridians and more people are finding themselves facing obstacles to securing and maintaining wealth.  What matters to families and individuals in communities across the state… financial security.  The Income, Assets and Savings  Network is a growing network of committed grass-roots organizations, practitioners, researchers, and champions, a working collaborative focused on advancing a policy agenda that lifts the voices of many Floridians of why assets and wealth are important.

While income is generated from earnings, transitional resources, investments, or retirement, wealth is the number one resource that helps families secure advantages for generations to come.

Income, Assets and Savings Network (IASN) goal is to increase access to products and savings programs for families receiving transitional assistance payments including unemployment benefits.   The Income Assets and Savings Network is promoting savings plans to help low income families save for education, retirement, purchase a home, car or save for emergencies.  We are working with partners across the state to provide safe and affordable financial resources that help people save, accumulate assets that help them move ahead, and to help Floridians secure their well being.

How do families in Florida begin to build wealth?

RAISE Florida Network explores research, advocacy and policies that use Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) as a tool that can help Florida’s families, Savings and Investments, and Retirement Security to ensure economic security and opportunities build a nest egg for a better future for all Floridians.

100 Black Men of Jacksonville Financial Education Training with FDIC

100 Black Men of Jacksonville Financial Education Training with FDIC

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