Florida Coalition for Microenterprise Development (FCMD)

Florida Coalition for Microenterprise Development (FCMD) mission is to create and sustain businesses and jobs in the state of Florida.  A microenterprise or microbusiness is defined as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation that has fewer than 5 employees, including the owner, and generally lacks access to conventional loans, equity, or other banking services.

Micro-businesses create jobs, purchase and hire locally, contribute to the tax base and help to stabilize the economy.  The goal for FCMD is to influence policy through administrative rule, in support of micro-business development, and:

  • Increase public awareness of micro-enterprise development through education of agencies, communications, and advocacy.
  • Increase job opportunities via entrepreneurship
  • Access funding streams available through legislative action that provides education, technical assistance and financial support of entrepreneurial development that is underutilized.
  • Provide opportunities to access to capital that strengthens economic growth opportunities in communities of color.

Florida Coalition for Microenterprise Development will focus on leveraging existing resources to increase access to capital that will impact public policy and raise public awareness for small business development. It will also establish structure and standardization for the field microenterprise and build the capacity of micro-enterprise development practitioners.

The coalition will work toward creating a Self-Employment Program (SEA) and work toward strengthening existing policies by obtaining financial support from CDBG Entitlement Communities in Florida for micro-enterprise development organizations.   FCMD will develop case statements, engage micro-enterprise development organizations in advocacy, public and constituency engagement.

ACCION USA Microenterprise Program Client

ACCION USA Microenterprise Program Client

La Liquador store owner with daughters

La Liquador store owner is able to expand business restaurant business with assistance from ACCION USA

New Style Barbershop is an example of Microenterprise at work

New Style Barbershop is an example of Microenterprise at work. – ACCION USA Client

Art Dealer helping woman

Miami Art Dealer was able to relocate art gallery with the help of a small business loan through ACCION USA

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